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Visit The 80s Empire

Unseen for two decades...
Here you'll find original interviews and fact files on some of the biggest stars of the '80s...

Adam Ant - The Naked Truth

...stripped to thrill. Adam takes off his makeup and a great deal more besides!

Altered Images - All Change

...Clare Grogan in bondage horror shock! Plus some silly photos.

The Beat

...lead singer, Dave Wakeling, bends over backwards and ties himself in knots.

The Belle Stars

...Jennie McKoawn goes head over heels in this strenuous photo-shoot.

Boy George, girls and Mars Bars. George reveals a few of his youthful indiscretions.

Captain Sensible

...frocks, nudity and stuffed courgettes. Plus exclusive photos of the Captain up a tree and in a dustbin!

David Sylvian which I get to share beauty tips with the main man of '80s super-group, Japan.

David van Day

...what is the Dollar star doing with a plant pot on his head? Our exclusive photographs reveal all!

Depeche Mode

...share seven days with Dave Gahan. But don't mention the banana!

Divine / Glenn Milstead

...cross-dressing, love, sex, weight and poodle poo. A frank interview. You have been warned!

Divine's Beauty Tips

...the disco diva and movie sex kitten shares her secret beauty tips!

Duran Duran

...find out what Simon Le Bon does when girls ring him up at 3 o'clock in the morning!

Howard Jones

...serious musician? or just a pop star with a funny haircut? You decide...

Kim Wilde

...Kim tells us how she felt to be so ugly (???) and have such hideously big feet!

Limahl which yours truly gets a peek at the naked flesh of the Kajagoogoo heartthrob.

Limahl's Home Town

...Exclusive! Never-before-published photographs! plus Limahl's personal guide to Wigan!

starLimahl's Top Ten Records

Which are Limahl's ten favourite pop songs? Find out here.

Lemmy of Motorhead

...the sex, the booze and the smelly socks of one of the all time heavy metal greats.

Modern Romance

...the suits, the style, the relationships and the bus drivers. Another totally ludicrous interview!

Pete Burns - Dead or Alive

...fishnets, makeup and tacky drag queens - Pete tells me he has no time for any of them!

The Thompson Twins

...take a Thompson's Holiday to find misery and food poisoning in exotic locations!


...booze, accountancy and bunny rabbits. Long before her days in the jungle, Toyah lived life on the wild side.

Plus: Fact Files on...

Adam Ant

Pete Burns of Dead or Alive

Morrissey of The Smiths

Nick Heyward of Haircut 100

Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet

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